SunLED’s product line of through-hole LED lamps provides a wide array of design options. In this section is a variety of intensity options ranging from standard bright for indication all the way to ultra-bright for high visibility. Single color, multi-color, and full-color RGB selections are available. Several form factors such as round, oval, cylindrical, square, and even triangular shaped LED lamps will assist in making your design shine above the rest. Please contact SunLED if you are unable to find a particular LED, or to inquire about any special LEDs such as resistor & wire attachments, blinking, backlight, and based LED lamps.

3mmT1 LED Lamps
5mmT1 ¾ LED Lamps
Multi-ColorMulti-Color LED Lamps
Super FluxSuper Flux and SnapLED
Based LEDWedge Based LEDs
8mm, 10mm and 20mm8mm and Larger LED Lamps
Backlight LEDSide Fire LED Lamps
Special ShapeCylindrical, Rectangular, Triangular and Flat Top LED Lamps
Resistor LEDLED Lamps with Built-in Resistor IC