SunLED’s LED displays are the perfect solution for displaying numbers and letters for a multitude of applications such as time, temperature, counter, messages, among several others. Through-hole and SMD mounting types are available for our LED displays for both single-digit and multi-digit types. In addition to the traditional 7-segment (numeric) and alphanumeric displays, this section also contains other products such as dot matrix, light bars, and bar graph arrays. Please contact SunLED if you are unable to find a particular LED, or to inquire about any special LEDs such as different sizes or pin configurations.

AlphanumericAlphanumeric LED Displays
Dot MatrixDot Matrix LED Displays
Dual DigitDual Digit 7-Segment LED Displays
Four DigitFour Digit 7-Segment LED Displays
Light BarLED Light Bars
Multi-ColorMulti-Color LED Displays
Single DigitSingle Digit 7-Segment LED Displays
Three DigitThree Digit 7-Segment LED Displays
SMD LED Display7-Segment and Alphanumeric SMD LED Displays
Bargraph ArrayLED Bargraph Arrays