• 2024 Mar

    EDS Leadership Summit – Electronic Distribution Show

    EDS 2024 will be taking place at a brand new venue, Resorts World in Las Vegas, during May 21st to 24th, 2024. SunLED will be attending this event to meet with authorized distribution partners and sales representatives throughout the nation to discuss the latest in LED trends and products, as well as the hottest industry sectors in today’s ever-growing technologically driven world.

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  • 2023 Nov

    New Product Announcement: Bi-Color 0603 SMD LED

    SunLED is excited to announce a new addition to their portfolio of bi-color LED options. Introducing the Bi-Color 0603 SMD LED, this series utilizes an industry standard 0603 package and incorporates SunLED’s super bright chip offerings to create a variety of bi-color combinations. With a profile height of just 0.50mm, this package is also an exceptional choice for compact designs such as medical, IoT devices, and consumer wearables.

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  • 2023 Oct

    SunLED Announces Distribution Agreement with bisco industries

    SunLED enters into a distribution agreement with bisco industries, strengthening SunLED’s product availability and distribution network while broadening bisco’s product offering.

    SunLED is an industry leading manufacturer of optoelectronics with products including SMD LEDs, Through-Hole LEDs, LED Displays, Infrared, Phototransistors, and many others. They boast one of the largest product portfolios. In addition to all standard types of LEDs, SunLED also manufactures a range of unique and performance oriented LEDs as an acknowledgement and solution to the innovative designs of today and groundbreaking conceptual designs of tomorrow.

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  • 2023 Aug

    New Product Announcement: Ultra-Bright RGB SMD LED Series

    SunLED is excited to expand its portfolio of full color (RGB) SMD LEDs. Introducing the Ultra Bright RGB SMD LED Series, these three part numbers utilize the latest in technology by incorporating high intensity chips into top emitting and side emitting packages.

    This series is excellent for outdoor usage as well as applications requiring high indication visibility such as EV chargers, IoT/Robotics, and warehouse automation.

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  • 2023 Apr

    SunLED Releases New 2023-2024 Product eCatalog

    SunLED is excited to introduce the latest cutting edge LEDs in the new 2023-2024 product eCatalog. Available in digital print, this 55-page catalog showcases a wide portfolio of SMD LEDs, Through-Hole LEDs, CBI LEDs, Infrared & Phototransistors, as well as LED Displays. In this catalog, you’ll be able to find several of SunLED’s unique, performance oriented LEDs, such as Ultra-Bright Low-Current SMDs, 1206 Reverse-Mount Dome Lens, Reverse-Mount PLCC, and 3-Dome RGB SMD which provides an industry leading intensity output for full color illumination at 20mA. Please click the link below to download a copy today.

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  • 2023 Jan

    Electronic Distribution Show

    EDS 2023 will take place during May 16th to 19th at The Mirage in Las Vegas where SunLED will be meeting with key Distributors and engaging with various sales channels to discuss the latest LED trends/industries. At the event we will be sharing some of SunLED’s newest LED technologies

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  • 2022 Dec

    3-Dome SMD LED Series

    SunLED releases additional color combinations to its 3-Dome SMD LED. While previously only available in an RGB color configuration, this series is now available in RGY(Red, Green, Yellow), RYB(Red, Yellow, Blue), and RBI(Red, Blue, IR).

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  • 2022 July

    1206 Reverse-Mount Dome Lens SMD LED Series

    SunLED is excited to announce a new addition to their portfolio of dome lens SMD LEDs. Introducing the XZxx55W-3RT, this series utilizes an industry standard 1206 footprint paired with a dome lens for a high intensity and narrow viewing angle output. This series comes in a reverse-mount package style.

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  • 2021 October

    Reverse-Mount PLCC SMD LED Series

    SunLED's Reverse-Mount PLCC SMD LED Series takes the traditional, industry standard 3.5x2.8mm top emitting LED, re-engineered for reverse-mount emission. This is achieved through a Z-Bend lead frame which allows the LED to mount upside-down and provide illumination through a hole in the PCB. SunLED is ready to support next generation designs with a full spectrum of Reverse-Mount PLCC SMD LEDs.

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  • 2021 January

    0603 PLCC2 SMD LED

    SunLED releases the 0603 PLCC2 SMD LED series. Plastic-leaded chip carrier (PLCC) packages have been a popular choice among engineering designs requiring a higher brightness output. However, compared to smaller PCB type LEDs, the larger footprints of PLCC LEDs also create challenges in mechanical fitment. SunLED combines the best of both worlds in this new PLCC2 package - a compact and miniature version with an industry standard 0603 (1.6x0.8mm) footprint.

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  • 2020 November

    Serially Addressable RGB with Integrated Driver

    SunLED’s RGB + IC LED is a serially addressable true color LED with a driver built in the package. This 5 mm x 5 mm RGB package with an integrated circuit allows engineers to create numerous lighting effects and designs. Each pixel is fully controlled with 24-bit color. Single-line transmission is supported by a built-in signal reshaping circuit. Its built-in IC provides the benefits of PWM, intelligent protection, electrical reset, and power lost reset circuits in a robust 5050 PLCC package.

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  • 2020 June

    3-Dome RGB SMD LED

    SunLED's 3-dome LED uses domed optical technology to concentrate light for each of the red, green, and blue chips to optimize intensity in a narrow viewing angle. SunLED's state-of-the-art 3-dome RGB SMD LED features a single package with optics that focus the light output from all three dies individually and in an RGB LED.

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  • 2020 February

    High Temperature SMD LED Series

    SunLED launches the High Temperature Series, a line of high performance LEDs that are designed to withstand temperatures higher than industry standard. Products in all industries experience temperature fluctuations and may be subject to high ambient temperatures. These conditions require a performance-driven LED that can withstand harsh environments.

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  • 2019 November

    Ultra Low Current LEDs - IF=2mA

    SunLED proudly announces a new series to support engineering demands for ultra-low current LEDs. A low current operation of IF=2mA paried with low forward voltages allows these LEDs to provide engineers with over 90% power reduction compared to traditional LEDs. We've carefully rated this series of 8 LEDs to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency. Included in this series of 8 part numbers are options in both top emitting and right angle form factors.

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  • 2019 July

    SunLED Releases New 2019-2020 Product Catalogue & Brochure

    SunLED broadens its product line with two new categories: ultra-low current LEDs rated at IF=2mA and ultraviolet LEDs that emit light in the UVA spectrum. We're proud to be a leader in optoelectronics with these additions to our extensive product line of SMD LEDs, SMD displays, through-hole lamps, IR & photo, bar graphs, circuit board indicators and other unique LED products. Looking for our best sellers? Our NanoPoint-0201, PixsoLED, Dome Lens Rt. Angle, Reverse-Mount RGB PLCC, Bi-Color 0603 and 0805 LEDs are all featured in our new Catalogue & Product Brochure.

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  • 2019 January

    XZxx168W Series – Dome Lens Rt. Angle SMD LED

    SunLED provides a new solution to dome lens LED applications offering more flexibility in the design industry. The new series measures in at 1.8mm x 0.6mm x 1.5mm. With the introduction of this series, we offer an industry leading option of focused intensity in a 25° degree viewing angle for brighter illumination in the desired region. In this product line, we are able to achieve up to 15 times increased intensity over traditional right angle LEDs.

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  • 2018 June

    XZBGRBBRMER158W – World’s Smallest RGB SMD LED

    By introducing the world's smallest RGB, SunLED has once again revolutionized the optoelectronic industry by designing a full color SMD in an 0202 package size. Measuring at 0.65mm x 0.65mm x 0.20mm, this package thoroughly manages to maintain a consistent intensity in each color to meet any design specification.

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  • 2018 March

    Electronic Distribution Show

    EDS 2018 will take place during May 15th to 18th at The Mirage in Las Vegas where SunLED will be meeting with key Distributors and engaging with various sales channels to discuss the latest LED trends/industries. At the event we will be sharing some of SunLED’s newest LED technologies

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  • 2018 February

    XZMDKCBDDG45S-9 – Reverse-Mount RGB PLCC SMD LED

    Traditional top emitting PLCC packages in the industry standard, 3.5mm x 2.8mm package has been diversely used across many design platforms over the years. The vast demands for discrete backlighting, while maintaining high intensities with wide viewing angle emission requirements have allowed SunLED to design the next generation reverse-mount PLCC RGB SMD LED: XZMDKCBDDG45S-9.

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  • 2017 May

    SunLED Releases New 2017-2018 Product Catalogue

    The new 48-page full color catalogue conveniently provides SunLED’s broad line of LED products including SMD LEDs, SMD Displays, Through-Hole Lamps, Infrared products, Bargraphs, Circuit Board Indicators, and other unique LEDs with detailed information for engineering reference. Extensive data including LED schematics, intensity, viewing angle, electrical characteristics, lens types and other technical data makes selecting an LED easier than ever.

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  • 2017 April

    PX Series – Pulse Oximetry LEDs

    SunLED's PX Series is available in various compact packages which are ideal for any medical or wearable device. This series comes in both single and dual wavelength package configurations. A variety of viewing angles are available to further provide design flexibility. Specific wavelengths of λP=660nm & 940nm with narrow spectral bandwidths provide the perfect LED solution for pulse oximetry applications.

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  • 2017 March

    Electronic Distribution Show

    EDS 2017 will take place during May 16th to 19th at The Mirage in Las Vegas where SunLED will be meeting with key Distributors and engaging with various sales channels to discuss the latest LED trends/industries. At the event we will be sharing some of SunLED’s newest LED technologies

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  • 2017 February

    XZM2DGxxW HRS Series – Heart Rate Sensor LEDs

    Optoelectronic components have been evolving in application usages ever since its inception. What started out as simple indicator lights for ON/OFF purposes eventually expanded to LEDs being used aesthetically, enhancing the product in ways beyond indication. SunLED has proudly been a leading manufacturer in each of these turning points in opto technology. Lighting the way towards the next chapter in LED evolution, SunLED introduces the HRS Series - Heart Rate Sensor LEDs.

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