Reverse-Mount PLCC SMD LED Series - XZxx45WT-9 , XZMDKCBDDG45S-9

SunLED's Reverse-Mount PLCC SMD LED Series takes the traditional, industry standard 3.5x2.8mm top emitting LED, re-engineered for reverse-mount emission. This is achieved through a Z-Bend lead frame which allows the LED to mount upside-down and provide illumination through a hole in the PCB.

Reverse-mount LEDs have been an increasingly popular and creative solution for designs with limitations on component height by creating a flush surface on the PCB. Reverse-mount LEDs are also widely used to keep all components on one side of the PCB, while requiring illumination to emit on the opposite side. SunLED is ready to support next generation designs with a full spectrum of Reverse-Mount PLCC SMD LEDs.

Part No.Package SizeColorLensWavelengthOptical DataViewing AngleSpec3D Drawings
XZDGK45WT-93.2x2.8x1.9mm (PLCC2 Reverse Mount LED)GreenWater Clear515nm300497If=20mA120°
XZFBB45S-93.2x2.8x1.9mm (PLCC2 Reverse Mount LED)BlueWater Clear465nm300447If=20mA120°
XZM2CRK45WT-93.2x2.8x1.9mm (PLCC2 Reverse Mount LED)RedWater Clear640nm300447If=20mA120°
XZM2CRKM2DG45WT-93.2x2.8x1.9mm (PLCC4 Bi-Color Reverse Mount LED)Red / GreenWater Clear640nm / 520nm300 / 1000447 / 1590If=20mA120°
XZM2CYK45WT-93.2x2.8x1.9mm (PLCC2 Reverse Mount LED)YellowWater Clear590nm200447If=20mA120°
XZM2DG45WT-93.2x2.8x1.9mm (PLCC2 Reverse Mount LED)GreenWater Clear520nm10001395If=20mA120°
XZMDK45WT-93.2x2.8x1.9mm (PLCC2 Reverse Mount LED)RedWater Clear645nm5598If=20mA120°
XZMDKCBDDG45S-93.5x2.8x1.9mm (PLCC4 RGB LED)Red / Blue / GreenWater Clear645nm / 460nm / 515nm55 / 55 / 400108 / 98 / 497If=20mA120°
XZMYK45WT-93.2x2.8x1.9mm (PLCC2 Reverse Mount LED)YellowWater Clear590nm120248If=20mA120°
XZVG45WT-93.2x2.8x1.9mm (PLCC2 Reverse Mount LED)GreenWater Clear574nm4098If=20mA120°
XZYG45WT-9HTA3.5x2.8mm (SMD PLCC2 HIGH TEMPERATURE LED)GreenWater Clear560nm1234If=20mA120°