Serially Addressable RGB with Integrated Driver - XZM2CRKDGKCBD107S-IC

SunLED’s RGB + IC LED is a serially addressable true color LED with a driver built in the package

This 5 mm x 5 mm RGB package with an integrated circuit allows engineers to create numerous lighting effects and designs. Each pixel is fully controlled with 24-bit color. Single-line transmission is supported by a built-in signal reshaping circuit. Its built-in IC provides the benefits of PWM, intelligent protection, electrical reset, and power lost reset circuits in a robust 5050 PLCC package.

XZM2CRKDGKCBD107S-IC consists of power-efficient and ultra-bright LED chips. This programmable true-color RGB LED with an integrated circuit supports engineering projects with outstanding design aesthetics. SunLED's RGB + IC SMD LEDs can produce millions of colors, supporting infinite design possibilities.

  • True color (24-bit): 16,777,216 possible color variations
  • Built-in PWM and signal reshaping circuit
  • Built-in electric reset and power lost reset circuit
  • Serial transmission signal for simple circuitry and installation
  • Intelligent protection against reverse connection
  • Control circuit and LED share the same power source
  • NRZ communication protocol
  • Robust PLCC package (5 mm x 5 mm)
  • Moisture sensitivity level (MSL): 3
  • Custom light effects
  • Light strips
  • Backlighting and signage
  • Gaming devices
  • Compact designs
  • Indoor and outdoor brightness

Part No.Package SizeColorLensWavelengthOptical DataViewing AngleSpec3D Drawings
XZM2CRKDGKCBD107S-IC5.0x5.0x1.6mm (Serially Addressable RGB)Red / Green / BlueWater Clear640nm / 515nm / 460nm200 / 400 / 80357 / 597 / 148If=12mA120°