XZBGRBBRMER158W - World’s Smallest RGB SMD LED

By introducing the world's smallest RGB, SunLED has once again revolutionized the optoelectronic industry by designing a full color SMD in an 0202 package size. Measuring at 0.65mm x 0.65mm x 0.20mm, this package thoroughly manages to maintain a consistent intensity in each color to meet any design specification. To provide a next generation RGB solution for a discrete SMD in the smallest possible size, SunLED has brought the future into today with the Super Thin 0202 RGB SMD LED: XZBGRBBRMER158W. This LED will allow engineers and designers to reduce the footprint size dedicated during design phases while providing the wide array of colors necessary to increase product functionality.

Part No.Package SizeColorLensWavelengthIntensityViewing AngleSpec3D Drawings
XZBGRBBRMER158W0.65x0.65x0.2mm (0202 Super-Thin RGB LED)Green / Blue / RedWater Clear518nm / 461nm / 632nm30 / 5 / 1089 / 19 / 29If=5mA140°