XLxx111x Series - 3mm Incandescent LEDs

Have any products that still use incandescent lamps? Upgrade the design today as SunLED announces the introduction of incandescent LEDs. Long before LEDs were used for indication and illumination, incandescent lamps have taken up the task. They provide a warm white color tone that’s distinguishably unique in comparison to other forms of lighting and have become a standardized color in many industries. However, one may ask: “How hot do these bulbs get, how much power do these bulbs use, and how long do these bulbs last?” Remember the last time an unlit bulb was shaken to see if the filament had broken? Switching to a durable, highly efficient, solid state LED component will ensure the lighting in any design doesn’t need to be replaced while also adding value to the product. With the unique color tone that matches a filament white, SunLED’s incandescent LEDs make a perfect replacement to the T1 and T1 3/4 miniature lamps in designs where color is key to function and performance.

Part No.Package SizeColorLensWavelengthIntensityViewing AngleSpec3D Drawings
XLCBD111W3mm Round (Wide Viewing Angle)BlueWater Clear468nm3801195If=20mA60°
XLCWD111W3mm Round (Wide Viewing Angle)WhiteWater Clear180647If=20mA60°
XLFRS111WYSF3mm Round (Wide Viewing Angle)IncandescentWater Clear16002690If=20mA60°
XLFWS111W3mm Round (Wide Viewing Angle)WhiteWater Clear10001790If=20mA60°