0603 PLCC2 SMD LED - XZxx53S-4 Series

SunLED, a leader in optoelectronics and discrete LEDs, releases the 0603 PLCC2 SMD LED series.

Plastic-leaded chip carrier (PLCC) packages have been a popular choice among engineering designs requiring a higher brightness output. However, compared to smaller PCB type LEDs, the larger footprints of PLCC LEDs also create challenges in mechanical fitment. SunLED combines the best of both worlds in this new PLCC2 package - a compact and miniature version with an industry standard 0603 (1.6x0.8mm) footprint.

Super bright chip offerings paired with a wide Lambertian emission angle of 120° make this series a versatile solution for various applications. By utilizing a reflector type package, SunLED’s 0603 PLCC2 SMD LEDs are able to achieve nearly twice (2x) the intensity of standard 0603 chip type LEDs. Color options of red, yellow, green, and blue are readily available. Please contact SunLED if additional color options are needed.

Part No.Package SizeColorLensWavelengthOptical DataViewing AngleSpec3D Drawings
XZFBA53S10MAV-41.6x0.8x0.55mm (0603 PLCC2)BlueWater Clear463nm50158If=10mA120°
XZMDK53S-41.6x0.8x0.55mm (0603 PLCC2)RedWater Clear645nm40158If=20mA120°
XZMYK53S-41.6x0.8x0.55mm (0603 PLCC2)YellowWater Clear590nm55238If=20mA120°
XZVG53S-41.6x0.8x0.55mm (0603 PLCC2)GreenWater Clear574nm1274If=20mA120°