XZxx92S-4 Series - Unique Wavelength 1/2W SMD LED

SunLED has taken a step forward towards supporting unique applications beyond basic indication that will broaden the spectrum of infinite design possibilities. With the introduction of our new mid-power 660nm Red LED and our 450nm Blue LED, we are opening doors to fill a void in markets that traditionally used other light sources such as laser diodes, fluorescent tubes, or HPS bulbs to serve a function beyond indication. The unique wavelengths of these two 1/2W SMD LEDs are in the range that can promote skin regeneration, hair rejuvenation, efficient plant growth, and even aquarium lighting to create an ecosystem out of an ordinary habitat. Their small package footprint provides a bright, wide spread of light and can be used in an array to create the necessary ambient light for any intended application. Because of their mid-power nature with a 150mA operating current, the parts have better heat dissipation and lower heat build-up than high power LEDs that are 1W or greater.

Part No.Package SizeColorLensWavelengthIntensityViewing AngleSpec3D Drawings
XZCB25X92S-43.5x3.5x1.15mm (0.5-Watt)BlueWater Clear445nm2.43.3If=150mA120°
XZDG25X92S-43.5x3.5x1.15mm (0.5-Watt)GreenWater Clear515nm1419.7If=150mA120°
XZMD20X92S-43.5x3.5x1.15mm (0.5-Watt)RedWater Clear660nm56.3If=150mA120°
XZMOLA92S-43.5x3.5x1.15mm (0.5-Watt)RedWater Clear640nm1012.7If=150mA120°
XZMYLA92S-43.5x3.5x1.15mm (0.5-Watt)YellowWater Clear590nm1013.7If=150mA120°