VersoLEDs - Versatile Solutions | Through-Hole and SMD LEDs

SunLED is introducing a series of series that breaks away from application defined limitations. The VersoLEDs is a group of LEDs in different Packages, both through-hole and surface mount, that can be used in all industry applications where a high brightness, outdoor or distance visible indicator is required. For indoor or battery-operated applications, these high efficiency LEDs can also be used for improving power consumption by reducing the drive current without sacrificing intensity. Various package sizes are available to fit different mechanical criteria while retaining the use of many industry standard footprints. In addition to their versatility, the VersoLEDs are also a cost competitive consideration for price sensitive projects. Whether it's a consumer wearable, an outdoor sign, a small appliance, or hand held product where LEDs are used in volume, VersoLEDs would serve as purposeful solution with a price point that deems it an excellent choice from initial design to mass productions.

XLxx11W3mm Round
XLxx12W5mm Round
XLxx20W5mm (Oval Lens)
XZxx105S3.0x2.0x1.3mm (PLCC2)
XZxx53W-81.6x0.8x0.95mm (PixsoLED)
XZxx56W3.0x1.0x2.0mm (1104 Right Angle LED)
XZxx78W3.2x2.4x2.4mm (Dome Lens LED)
XZxx81FS2.8x0.8mm (Right Angle LED)