NinjaLED - XZxx45SB Series - PLCC2 SMD LED

Born from tradition, and kept as a secret...Until now.

SunLED reveals its black casing PLCC2 LED to the masses. Only an LED such as this one, which is capable of providing a finer point of illumination in a reflective package, can be deemed worthy of the name NinjaLED. Characteristically of the color, the black housing absorbs the light around it to increase contrast, making it an ideal LED for indoor displays where light bleed can become an issue from one pixel to the next when viewed up close. The black casing color also helps improve the look of your design where in the off-state of the LED, white just may not be as aesthetically pleasing. Behind a tinted acrylic sign panel, you can say it's almost as if it weren't there - masked in the darkness. High reliability, high brightness and low power consumption makes this outstanding package a significant industry advantage in consumer devices, audio equipment, indoor signs, backlighting as well as automotive interior illumination. Contact a SunLED sales representative to learn more about this product and to order a sample today.

Part No.Package SizeColorLensWavelengthIntensityViewing AngleSpec3D Drawings
XZCBD45SB3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)BlueWater Clear468nm4070If=20mA120°
XZCWD45SB3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)WhiteWater Clear80180If=20mA120°
XZDG45SB3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)GreenWater Clear515nm120250If=20mA120°
XZFBB45SB3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)BlueWater Clear465nm80168If=20mA120°
XZFRA45SBBA3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)Ice BlueWater Clear400597If=20mA120°
XZFWS45SB3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)WhiteWater Clear400695If=20mA120°
XZM2ACR45SB3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)RedWater Clear640nm200347If=20mA120°
XZM2ACY45SB3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)YellowWater Clear590nm200317If=20mA120°
XZM2DG45SB3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)GreenWater Clear520nm300497If=20mA120°
XZMDK45SB3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)RedWater Clear650nm4060If=20mA120°
XZMOK45SB3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)OrangeWater Clear610nm55100If=20mA120°
XZMYK45SB3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)YellowWater Clear590nm55100If=20mA120°
XZVG45SB3.5X2.8x1.9mm (NinjaLED)GreenWater Clear574nm2050If=20mA120°