XZxxxx55W-8 Series - 1206 Bi-Color Domed SMD LED in Ultra-Bright Colors

SunLED is excited to release a series that redefines high intensity, low current LEDs. Designed and built to meet and exceed the most demanding visibility requirements, the XZxxxx55W-8 series outshines nearly all other LEDs. Developed from a combination of AlInGaP and InGaN dies, this series ensures a long and robust lifespan while outputting a brilliant array of colors. With a standard 1206 footprint of 3.2mm x 1.6mm, this bi-color SMD LED uses a configuration of Ultra-Bright colors paired with a dome lens to provide one of the highest intensity options available in the industry operating with a current of IF=20mA. This package is accompanied by a 4-pad design allowing independent connections for each color channel, maximizing circuit design flexibility. This series is excellent for any light pipe application, high visibility indication requirements, or where high brightness and low current operation is needed.

Part No.Package SizeColorLensWavelengthIntensityViewing AngleSpec3D Drawings
XZM2CRKCYK55W-83.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Bi-Color Dome Lens LED)Red / YellowWater Clear640nm / 590nm700 / 4001295 / 695If=20mA30°
XZM2CRKFBB55W-83.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Bi-Color Dome Lens LED)Red / BlueWater Clear640nm / 465nm700 / 1201295 / 278If=20mA30°
XZM2CRKM2DG55W-83.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Bi-Color Dome Lens LED)Red / GreenWater Clear640nm / 520nm700 / 7001295 / 1295If=20mA30°
XZM2CYKM2DG55W-83.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Bi-Color Dome Lens LED)Yellow / GreenWater Clear590nm / 520nm700 / 7001195 / 1295If=20mA30°
XZM2MRTNI55W-83.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Bi-Color Dome Lens LED)Red / IRWater Clear660nm / 940nm120 / 0.8397 / 1.3If=20mA30°
XZMDKCBD55W-83.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Bi-Color Dome Lens LED)Red / BlueWater Clear650nm / 468nm200 / 120397 / 248If=20mA30°
XZMDKDGK55W-83.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Bi-Color Dome Lens LED)Red / GreenWater Clear645nm / 515nm200 / 400397 / 647If=20mA30°
XZMDKVG55W-83.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Bi-Color Dome Lens LED)Red / GreenWater Clear650nm / 574nm200 / 120397 / 248If=20mA30°
XZMYKVG55W-83.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Bi-Color Dome Lens LED)Yellow / GreenWater Clear590nm / 574nm300 / 120547 / 248If=20mA30°