SunLED offers a complete line of infrared (IR) emitters, detectors, and UV LEDs to support applications outside of typical indication. Infrared LEDs are made available in various wavelengths in several different through-hole and SMD packages. Matching detectors such as photodiodes and phototransistors are also available in through-hole and SMD packages. SunLED’s Ultraviolet (UV) LEDs in the UV-A spectrum covers a wide range of wavelengths ranging from 365nm to 415nm, ensuring a well-rounded product offering. Please contact SunLED if you are unable to find a particular LED, or to inquire about any special LEDs such as photo-interrupters and photo-sensors.

IR EmitterSMD and Through-Hole IR Diodes
PhototransistorSMD and Through-Hole Phototransistors
UltravioletHigh Power and Low Power UV LEDs