SunLED offers a comprehensive portfolio of Surface Mount (SMD) LEDs using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. In this section is a variety of SMD LED light sources for backlighting and indication designs which include chip type and PLCC in top emitting, right angle, and reverse mount formats. Dome lens and flat lens options are available for viewing angle flexibility. Many packages are available in single color, multi-color, and full-color RGB. All SMD LEDs come packaged on Tape & Reel. Please contact SunLED if you are unable to find a particular LED, or to inquire about any special LEDs such as unique colors or resistor SMD LEDs.

Chip TypeChip Type SMD LEDs
Dome LensDome Lens SMD LEDs
Multi-ColorMulti-Color SMD LEDs
High TemperatureHigh Temperature SMD LEDs
Ultra Low CurrentUltra Low Current SMD LEDs
SMD LED Display7-Segment and Alphanumeric SMD LED Displays
IR and PhotoIR and Phototransistor SMD LEDs
Right AngleRight Angle SMD LEDs
PLCC and SubminiaturePLCC, SOT-23 and Subminiature SMD LEDs